Welcome to DeviceTone™

DeviceTone™ is a complete edge-enablement solution that gives every product the power to connect. Created to make it simple for companies to develop smart, connected products while maintaining freedom in selecting hardware and cloud provider, DeviceTone will help catapult your products ahead on the Internet of Things.

DeviceTone™ provides:
  • Ready-to-run clients that can IoT enable almost any thing from the tiniest constrained sensor to the most capable edge gateways
  • A cloud accelerator that automates connectivity to the cloud service of your choice, whether you use Azure, Google, Amazon, or another cloud of your choice
  • A connected device management service that gives you full control of your fleet. DeviceTone Manager delivers secure remote management that gives you the ability to manage devices one to on, millions at a time.

The Table of Contents below will help you navigate DeviceTone™’s documentation, whether you are new to the platform and want to get started from scratch, or want to fine-tune your fleet in real time. The tutorials, guides, and other content below will give you all the tools you need to get the most out of your products with DeviceTone™.