Device Overview

Each instantiation of a device in your project must be defined first by its device class, a set of parameters that describes how a certain type of device should operate. Although there are many device classes, they fall into two main categories: hubs and sensors. This distinction is evident on each device’s entry in your device list, like this:


Distinguishing parents from children allows you to easily see which devices are connected to the internet, and subsequently, which devices report to them. Thinking about your devices as being one of these two types will be important throughout the development process.

From a project’s device listing page, clicking on the “view” button on the left side of any device entry will take you to that individual device’s page. Viewing a device allows you to monitor its different triggers, tweak code, and inspect streams. Just as on the project level, the first thing you will see is a dashboard of significant information about your device, like ID, serial, and activation key.

Scrolling down on this page reveals many options for monitoring and adjustment of your device, managed on the bar of buttons shown below:


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