Working with Reports

The DeviceTone solution provides several reporting alternatives. The reporting alternatives vary by capabilities and complexity, and depend on the actual requirements.

The options that are available to developers are:

  1. Generate basic device reports from DeviceTone Manager
  2. Generate device fleet reports using the platform’s ExtAPI (Extended API) interface
  3. Advanced reporting using the Jasper Reports service that is a part of the platform

Basic Reports

The basic reports functionality is located in the Project main screen. The project main screen includes a list of the device fleet that is part of the specific project. This device fleet includes a list of properties that are being displayed, and the platform is capable of providing advanced filtering and display capabilities for the fleet of devices that belong to the project. The quick search tool enables adding property and stream fields to the view and filtering the view. After the required list of devices is displayed, the user can choose to export the data to various formats:

  • Export to CSV
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to PDF

Using ExtAPI (Extended API)

The platform pro