Managing Projects

This section will show you how to navigate your company’s projects, including searching and viewing devices active in your project and exporting and downloading your project’s assets.

To enter a project, click the “view” button on the project’s line, shown below:


Once inside a project, various “Project Statistics” will be displayed, including number of devices active in the project and a list of the device classes included.


This page is also home to the Device Creation bar, used for activating new devices. Please see the “Provisioning Devices” guide for more details on this functionality.

Scrolling down on this page reveals more details on each device in the project, which are displayed in a list like this:


Another feature on this level is the built-in download buttons, which allow the list of devices (including names, type, ID, serial, and class type) to be exported into a number of convenient formats, including Excel, PDF, and CSV. The buttons are located on the right side of the device list and look like this:


For larger projects with many devices, there is a search bar to find devices quickly and easily, either with an ID, serial number, or device name. It looks like this:


With this information, you are ready to manage your projects effectively. Read the following section, “Managing Devices” for more information on administration of devices in your project.